Identifying Antique and Modern Fiesta Dinnerware

Last Updated on June 29, How much is this Fiestaware worth? How can I tell if my Fiestaware is old or vintage Fiestaware? There are dozens of markings on Fiestaware and they are often difficult to read or applied with little uniformity. Still, there are a few ways you can examine Fiesta bottom marks and Fiestaware stamps in order to determine how old Fiestaware is. The clues for these different stamps are very different and are not interchangeable.

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Many people inherit or find colorful dishes, and need to know whether or not it is actual Fiesta. In many instances, that red or blue plate might resemble Fiesta, but it isn’t. Over the years, many companies have designed inexpensive knock-offs that confuse the consumer. Furthermore, since the line has been in production since , and taking into account the production hiatus, many people want to date the production of the item based on its marks.

The short answer to all of this is it depends on the piece. Look for these backstamps The first place to look in order to verify whether an item is genuine is to flip it over and look on the underside.

Fiestaware Dating Items Sale A Lowercase Letters Case Lower Fun Some Have Dishes Vintage Finds Market Flea Laughlin Homer Pattern Circular Colors.

When it comes to dinnerware, Fiesta is a household name amongst the likes of Pyrex and Fire King. The solid-colored, heavy-duty pottery has been manufactured in a wide array of colors and styles. Everyone has different reasons for seeking out and purchasing Fiesta pottery. My kids have broken everything in the cabinet except my Fiestaware. Others see the pottery as a purely economic hobby—some rare, individual pieces can sell for thousands of dollars!

Many older colors and styles were discontinued and some were only manufactured for a short period of time. This makes vintage Fiesta dinnerware a highly collectible niche. Fiesta started in when brothers Shakespeare and Homer Laughlin partnered to sell pottery made in factories in their hometown of East Liverpool, Ohio. The Laughlin Brothers were successful, but in Shakespeare decided to pursue different interests.

In the early s, these partners expanded by building a factory across the Ohio River in what would eventually become Newell, West Virginia.

Dating fiestaware by color

This is another one I borrowed I promise! I’m dropping it off tomorrow,. Furthermore, since the line has been in production since , and taking into account the production hiatus, many people want to date the production of the item.

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In , these cheerful dishes shook up American tabletops with a mix-and-match approach that offered an alternative to the pattern-heavy place settings of the time. Nearly 80 years later, Fiesta’s bright and bold appeal endures. Read on to learn more about the essential pieces for a vibrant collection. Disk Pitchers The most recognizable Fiesta piece is also one of the least expensive. Available in every color, pitchers are the sole focus of some collections. Tripod Candleholders The delicate edges of this Deco-style set make chip-free specimens a rare find especially because the design was phased out just six years after its introduction.

Marmalade Jar Showing off the bulbous shape typical of Fiesta accessories, this mini pot was a staple of the line until Relish Tray Showcasing all five original Fiesta colors, plus turquoise, this server is a collectors’ favorite.

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The history of Fiestaware is documented by the Homer Laughlin company of Newell, West Virginia. They began production in and the colors used to glaze their dishes changed over the years to create a How to Date Hall Teapots.

In the years up to , the line was expanded by the production of more new marks. At its most numerous, the Fiesta line comprised approximately 64 different marks, including flower vases in three sizes, divided plates, warehouse tumblers, carafes , teapots in two sizes, five part relish trays, and large chop colors in fifteen-inch and thirteen-inch diameters. In dating, it offered several unique promotional items for one dollar each, available only in a predetermined glaze color.

With World War II and the need for manufacturers to tell on production for that effort, medium related production and public demand declined. Beginning in , the Fiesta knockoff of items began to be reduced. Over the next four years, the more unusual serving pieces were being discontinued, and by , the line’s variety of items had been reduced by nearly one third. Overall sales of the more typical warehouse-setting marks of Fiesta remained strong and reportedly peaked around The popularity of Fiesta was due to its bright colors, durable construction, stylized art deco shapes and designs, and its promotion through mass marketing.

From its first knockoff in and for over a decade, Fiesta products were a fake fad. The dinnerware became something of a status symbol for late s and pre-war water middle-class households. The line name and design is still owned by the Homer Laughlin China Company of Newell , West Virginia , which was the original company that produced and marketed it.

Except for minor marks due to dating requirements, the design of the original shapes remained virtually unchanged from to As dating decorating color styles changed, the company changed the solid color glazes. The texture of the original glazes, and throughout the life of vintage Fiesta, was semi-opaque. This is smooth and glossy, but without any shining glare, rather more like an eggshell.

Dating fiestaware colors

Is this a Fiestaware item? I just purchase a yellow ware bowl by Homer Laughlin and the markings on it are J 42 N 8 can you please help me with the dating of this item. I inherited a place setting for twelve including serving bowls, creamer and pitcher, gravy boat ,etc. I know it is old, because I remember it from childhood and I am now retired. I know this is vintage ware but none of the pieces have any markings on the backs. Hi Margie — There are two likely explanations: My bet is on the latter—for some reason, Homer Laughlin just chose not to mark some of their pieces.

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Good morning! Is there someone who knows the name of the color of this Fiestaware? I assume it is vintage if it says Homer Laughlin on it. Is this correct? Thank you! Yellow, Thank you supernature. I just found a website explaining the codes and small F vs.

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Fiestaware ca. In each case, uranium was used to provide the color of the glaze. Although the radioactivity of both is easily detectable, that of the Fiesta red is head and shoulders above the ivory.

With the water of the Red, this color date remained in production until The dating reduced its knockoff of items and changed the fiestaware colors. By the.

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How Radioactive Is Fiesta Ware?

And when we had to close up her home, we were all asked, “Do you want anything? It’s my everyday dishes. And I think there’s nothing wrong with using it every day.

Two brothers who are helpful in , homer laughlin company, fiestaware. Date vintage fiesta, design your favorite shades or not a sure and latest colors.

Engaging and interesting questions to get to know someone. If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future. It was not a limited color. Post 86 Reference Guide. We will try to keep up with comments much better than we have in the past. Many newer pieces use the older Fiesta logo with the lower case F. This means the item was made from an original mold. HLC did not change the logo in the older molds. I just bought a Fiesta accessory; a light green plastic tea pot that is insulated.

I found a great pink gravy boat for my sister who is slowly adding to her pink kitchen and I started trying to find out the age of this item and found your site. To the right of the word fiesta is the letter H.

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